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The Art Of Being Straight
cast: Jesse Rosen, Rachel Castillo, Jared Grey, Emilia Richeson, and Johnny Ray

writer and director: Jesse Rosen

67 minutes (15) 2008
widescreen ratio 1.85:1
TLA DVD Region 2 retail [released 21 September]

RATING: 6/10
reviewed by Gary Couzens
John (Jesse Rosen) has just broken up with his girlfriend and travelled east to L.A. to make a fresh start. He stays with his old college friend Andy (Jared Grey) and takes a job in an ad agency. Then things get confusing. His old girlfriend Maddy (Rachel Castillo) now has a girlfriend, Anna (Emilia Richeson). And then his boss Paul (Johnny Ray) makes a pass at him.

The Art Of Being Straight is a low-budget comedy that acts as a vehicle for Jesse Rosen who writes, produces, directs, and plays the lead role. Unfortunately, he overstretches himself: John isn't the most interesting character and Rosen plays him so blandly it's hard to care about his dilemmas of sexual doubt. Rachel Castillo does better as Maddy, who is bi or maybe just bi-curious as she pursues her neighbour Aaron (Peter Scherer). The result (shot in HD by Aaron Torres) is pleasant to look at. But there's something missing at its heart.

The Art Of Being Straight was reviewed from a DVD-R screener with the words 'Property of Regent Releasing' permanently on display at the top of the frame. Therefore it's impossible to judge the picture quality of the retail version from this, but for the record the transfer here is in the ratio of 1.85:1 but is not anamorphically enhanced. The soundtrack is linear PCM 2.0 and is clear and well-balanced - just as well, as there are no subtitles available, and no extras either.

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