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Digital Art For The 21st Century: Renderosity
September 2004 SITE MAP   SEARCH

The Best Of Renderosity 2003

72 minutes (unrated) 2004
Renderosity DVD Region 0 retail

RATING: 8/10
reviewed by Christopher Geary
Basically an art gallery in 'animated' slideshow format, with a specially composed music score, this DVD presents a selection of works from various digital artists of the international online community at Renderosity.

In a dazzling exploration of primary and pastel colours, and light and shade, here you might be surprised to find impressionism, montage, faux watercolours and oils, and some endearingly quirky cartoon figures alongside the expected slick photorealism and mesmerising fractals. It certainly offers an extraordinary range of images. Best Of Renderosity embraces impressively detailed sci-fi action scenes, numerous weird creatures, otherworldly and familiar landscapes, wildlife pictures, still life angles, urban aerial swoops, bizarre geometries, and (of course!) lots of fantasy females and glamour girls in varied states of undress...

Among the chrome or bronzed cyborgs and hairy or reptilian aliens, where Bosch is just as strong an influence as Frazetta, there are lush or barren valleys, painterly mountainsides and shorelines, and exotic, corporate or domestic architectural studies covering everything from gothic summits and palatial splendour to dusty backyards. While a large number of the works displayed here amply demonstrate the computer artists' technical virtuosity and highly proficient design skills, there are plenty of irresistibly imaginative, far less mundane subjects in this showcase. Skimming through many of these exciting CG portfolios, you'll find iconographic submarines like the Nautilus (from Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea by way of Disney's 1954 movie) and Thunderbird 4 lurking among the gaudy fishes, while TV sci-fi spaceship BattleStar Galactica appears unexpectedly, amidst views of NASA hardware.

Boasting over 650 images from 65 artists, accessed via 10 scenes from animated menus, this DVD exhibition includes an excellent selection from Renderosity's artist of the year, Enax, and overall it's a delightful and inspiring example of the state of the digital art world today.

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