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White Rush
cast: Louis Mandylor, Judd Nelson, Charlie Schlatter, James Pickens Jr, and Sandra Vidal

producer and director: Mark L. Lester

85 minutes (15) 2002
widescreen ratio 16:9
Mosaic DVD Region 2 rental
Also available to rent on video

RATING: 2/10
reviewed by Debbie Moon
Pop quiz: you're enjoying a weekend in the wilderness with old friends when gunfire rings through the trees. A drugs deal has just gone bad, leaving a handful of dead guys and a few million dollars worth of cocaine. What do you do? Take the cocaine, and get your friend the corrupt cop to set up a deal with his underworld contacts that will make you all rich?
   Wrong answer, because one of the drugs runners has survived, and, taking one of the group's girlfriend hostage, uses her to track down the thieves. He's a decent enough guy, he just wants the coke back to save his own neck; but the one-woman clean-up squad that the cartel sends after him is rather another matter...
   Alas, White Rush is not quite the clever, sexy thriller it thinks it is. Some interesting juxtaposition of early scenes, and an enjoyable, if faintly preposterous, final scene revelation, can't make up for a stodgy parade of clich�s. Mistrust and infidelity split the group of conspirators down predictable lines; the hostage and her captor bond in ways we've seen a thousand times before. Splashes of sex and drug use come across not as signs of the slow corruption of our heroes, but a desperate attempt to hold audience attention.
   As the biggest name on the cast list (yes, really), Judd Nelson tries to add a little class to the proceedings, but the remainder of the cast seem to be sleepwalking towards a paycheque. In all fairness, it's not entirely their fault - in places, the dialogue is so clunky they actually seem uncomfortable delivering it.
   If it's really the last thing on the shelf in the video shop, White Rush might keep you mildly amused through its brief running time. If not, I suggest you try something else.
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