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cast: Angela Bettis, Jeremy Sisto, Anna Faris, James Duval, and Nichole Hiltz

director: Lucky McKee

90 minutes (18) 2002
widescreen ratio 1.85:1
Mosaic DVD Region 2 retail

RATING: 7/10
reviewed by Gary Couzens
As a child May had a lazy eye, and had to go around wearing an eyepatch. This had its effect, and May has grown into an introverted young woman (Angela Bettis) who works in a vet's and has poor social skills. Her only companion at home is a doll kept inside a glass box. One day she meets film student Adam (Jeremy Sisto) but he doesn't return her affection...
   A debut feature for director Lucky McKee, May is an intriguing horror film. You can see its influences - Carrie (1976) most obviously, with bits of Repulsion (1965) here and there - but it comes up fresh. Part of the credit has to go to Angela Bettis, who makes May both otherworldly but also sympathetic, even when she gets pushed one step too far. Unfortunately the last half hour takes the film into more generic splatter territory, but otherwise May is well worth your attention.
   The DVD has an anamorphic picture and a Dolby digital 5.1 soundtrack. There are no subtitles. The only extra is the trailer, which is full of plot spoilers.
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