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Girls with Guns
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cast: Dona Speir, Roberta Vasquez, Erik Estrada, Bruce Penhall, and Cynthia Brimhall

writer and director: Andy Sidaris

90 minutes (R) 1990
Malibu Bay / Ventura DVD Region 1 retail

RATING: 8/10
reviewed by Jeff Young
Erik Estrada, former star of TV cop show, ChiPs (1977-83), plays the villain, Jack of Diamonds, here. Dona Speir is his secret agent adversary, Donna, the heroine with a deadly rocket launcher. The feds and bad guys fight it out on great looking locations (among the backdrops is the original London Bridge!), there are six Playboy playmates to ogle (including the stunning Roberta Vasquez), and Allegra Curtis (Jamie Lee's sister) has a walk-on-and-die cameo role. Further attractions include a microlight aircraft used as a fighter plane, and two incompetent hitmen in drag! As a glossy action movie full of uncomplicated fun, this one rocks.
   Though there's some nudity, this is not an especially sleazy film. The style may be T&A, but there's more cheesecake glamour and brightly photographed thriller sequences than sex. Also featuring remarkably well-endowed redhead Cynthia Brimhall as a Las Vegas nightclub singer, and Hispanic model Devin DeVasquez as bad girl Cash (check out her natty assassin's outfit!), Guns is certainly one of the best-produced Sidaris movies.
   DVD presentation is hosted by Andy Sidaris with Julie Strain, and disc extras include a DeVasquez featurette, a director's 'film school' featurette, interviews, stills gallery, trailers for Sidaris' entire Malibu Bay range, and a six-page booklet with rare photos. The engagingly unpretentious commentary by Andy and Arlene Sidaris includes free lessons in logistics for independent film production.