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October 2010

Zombie Women Of Satan

cast: Warren Speed, Victoria Hopkins, Marysia Kay, and Bill Fellows

directors: Steve O'Brien and Warren Speed

95 minutes (18) 2009
widescreen ratio 16:9
Revolver DVD Region 2 retail

RATING: 6/10
review by A.E. Grace

Zombie Women Of Satan

First and foremost, allow me to make something clear: I am a supporter of B-movie horror films, and support small productions, up and coming directors, and basically any budding actor who's willing to put themselves out there to try their luck at show business. It's films like this that remind me that film still remains to be a creative, experimental business, and is thus an art still worth fighting for.

So because of these factors, I've decided to rate this film very generously; but allow me to explain why. The opening sequence for this laddish comedy horror revealed the piece immediately to be surprisingly well-produced considering its low budget. And, although I don't know specifically what that budget was, I can see that they used their cash to give the overall presentation of the DVD itself the attention it deserves, as opposed to wasting it on pretty-faced planks and the catering staff.

The opening sequence introduces the characters to a theme tune reminiscent of dark carnivals, spooky circuses, freak shows and the like; all of which I love. Along with this comes a well designed backdrop for the menu, which includes bonus features such as a commentary, a trailer, and an interview with writer and director Warren Speed.

It's the attention to detail here that initially impressed me, because too many indie films neglect little details like this in favour of spending money where it needn't be wasted, on things like costumes and Z-list celebrities. These are things which, frankly, are wasted on budget films; nobody cares that your main protagonist was once in a well-known soap opera, we just want to see what cool things you've managed to come up with, using the little you have. The makers of Zombie Women Of Satan appear to understand this.

For starters, this isn't a movie that professes to be anything other than a right laugh, meaning that the director/ writer (who also starred as 'Pervo the Clown' in the film) simply wanted to display big-titted zombie girls, lots of potty humour, corn syrup galore, and have fun along the way. In fact, Warren Speed himself declares in the interview (which is very interesting for any budding filmmakers out there) that there was no message intended behind the film, and he puts on no airs or graces; this was a college kid B-movie with humour along the same vein as the American Pie films, (just with a tenth of the budget) and that suited him just fine.

So, to give credit where it's due; they did this pretty well. The photography is good, and the acting by characters such as 'Mother' and 'Skye' were particularly impressive. I really liked the idea that these people were willing to try something risky, something a little bit silly, and yes, probably embarrassing, just to show their talents and get their names out there. I'll always respect people who are willing to go the extra mile and open their minds, which is something that, unfortunately, most Hollywood actors will never understand.

With that in mind, there were just a couple of issues I had. In the featured interview with Warren Speed, he says the idea for the film came to him specifically from the title, Zombie Women Of Satan, which just popped into his head one day. Now, the fundamental issue with this is the fact that the title includes 'Satan', which would imply that there were some serious satanic influences in the film. There weren't. That's right; here's a film titled Zombie Women Of Satan that has absolutely nothing to do with anything satanic at all. Clearly, it was used just because the writer thought it had a good ring to it, but hey, it's his magnum opus, I suppose.

Another flaw in particular was the story, which could have been quite cool (in that indie sort of way) if the writer had bothered to develop it. Like most budget films about monsters, this one included a rather deranged, yet gentle, scientist. This one employed his equally psychotic children to lure innocent girls into what they thought was a safe haven, before using them for experiments. But what experiments? All he appeared to do was inject the girls with some non-descript gloop, and then watch the effects once they become zombies. Fair enough if you're planning to plague the whole world or something, but this doctor, apparently, wanted to be a pioneer of medicine. That's a bit contradictory, yes?

Nonetheless, I shan't dress this film up as anything more than some guy's stab at a comedic zombie film, so it's no wonder the story totally lacked. But overall, I did find this piece quite enjoyable, because the effects of northerners in comedy never do cease to amuse me, and I do love clowns. If anything, this film would be a good reference for budding filmmakers to watch for research purposes, and for dirty-humoured people to watch girls with bouncing, blood-coated knockers.

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