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Prey For The Beast
cast: Ray Besharah, Lisa Aitken, Mark Courneyea, Kerrie Draper, and Brett Kelly

director: Brett Kelly

76 minutes (18) 2007
widescreen ratio 1.85:1
Brain Damage DVD Region 2 retail

RATING: 6/10
reviewed by Sandra Scholes
A man and his girlfriend go camping one night and think they have found the perfect spot to make love when his girlfriend hears something that startles her. In true horror style clich´┐Ż she leaves the tent and possible safety to go out and have a look at what has disturbed her. Unfortunately she never comes back, though the beast does take the life of her boyfriend in a savage onslaught.

From its title, Prey For The Beast suggests plainly that if any campers set up in a particularly remote forest location they are likely to be easy prey for whatever it is out there that is ready to pounce at any given notice. There is a chance the beast will be able to have his fill once the others get there.

The film has plenty of action in it; a man goes camping with his friends while a biologist and hunter wander the forest in search of a rare creature they have heard a lot of rumours about and intend to catch a sighting of it for their research. His hunter friend is not convinced the creature is on its own and thinks where one is another will be around, and he wants to trap it and take it as it will bring him a substantial amount of money.

Prey For The Beast runs at a reasonable pace, at times unassuming when the characters are assaulted even though they are foolish enough to go alone to such a possibly dangerous place. It has a feel very like The Blair Witch Project about it, looking raw and rough and gets to the point as far as a horror movie is concerned with its good amount of blood and gore.

The creator, Matt Fickner, knew what he was doing with this movie when he came up with the concept for it. Its rawness is what makes it so good. Directed by Brett Kelly, who also stars in this movie as Bud, has had quite an interesting career as a writer, producer, editor and everything in-between. His latest movie is Kingdom Of The Vampire.

Once the men have got to the forest via rowing boat, they foolishly leave their wives behind going in search of man's territory of booze, telling stories and the odd roll-up of marijuana. There is no doubt they will have fun but it is just so obvious that they will sooner or later be picked-off by the beast one by one once he gets a sniff of them.

The beast is a composite creature with bull horns near its mouth and deep-set eyes as the face is seen in a dark silhouette, its limbs seem huge and clawed and that is all that can be seen of it most of the time as it attacks its prey. It does look convincing as well as menacing during the confrontations with those on the island.

Bonus material for this DVD is in the form of trailers for horror movies such as: Serum, Death Of A Ghost Hunter, Torture Me No More, Silent Bloodnight, and Secrets Of The Clown.

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