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Dragon Lee's Ways Of Kung Fu
cast: Bruce Lei

director: Godfrey Ho

90 minutes (15) 1977
Prism Leisure 55th Chamber DVD Region 0 retail

RATING: 4/10
reviewed by Debbie Moon
An evil master has set up a secret lair by the sea, where he has trained 18 beautiful young women to seduce and kill his enemies. But when a stranger breaks into the lair seeking revenge, the senior girl falls in love with him and spares his life - a weakness that imperils her own... When the two of them escape and join up with Master White Cloud and a wandering stranger, they realise they are the only ones who can take on the evil master - but even together, will they be strong enough to defeat him?

Well, it's not exactly Kill Bill - though on the other hand, with all those high-kicking girls, it might well appeal to a certain section of Tarantino's audience. That aside, it's colourful, atmospheric, and generally pretty confusing. Once you've got through one of the most convoluted set-ups imaginable, and a number of stiffly choreographed scenes of villainy more reminiscent of Chinese opera than martial arts, the movie rapidly declines into a predictable tale of forbidden love and clichéd revenge. The action is less than spectacular, the hero is wearing an alarming amount of mascara, and all seems boringly certain to reach a happy ending.

If you're a real fan of this sort of thing, this may amuse you for a while; otherwise, there are far more interesting and unusual examples out there...

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