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The Fabulous Baker Boys
cast: Jeff Bridges, Michelle Pfeiffer, Beau Bridges, Jennifer Tilly, and Xander Berkeley

director: Steve Kloves

110 minutes (15) 1989
widescreen ratio 16:9
Prism Leisure DVD Region 2 retail

RATING: 5/10
reviewed by Martin Drury
Michelle Pfeiffer draped across the top of a piano in a stunning dress encouraged many a young man to become interested in women. The Fabulous Baker Boys is a comedy drama about two cocktail lounge singers (Jeff and Beau Bridges) who are down on their luck and their earnings. They need a miracle and they find such an angel from heaven in the shape of the alluring Susie Diamond (Pfeiffer) who turns out to be one of the most accomplished, sexy singers to ever grace the cocktail lounge circuit. Luck shines on the brothers and they are soon on their way to fame and fortune, the young Miss Diamond in tow.

Prism Leisure Corporation are idiots. A few weeks ago, a DVD of this film could be picked up for the small cost of The Saturday Times when The Fabulous Baker Boys was recently given away with a UK national newspaper. The fans of the film will have already flocked to their local newsagents on the agreed day and claimed their copy. With that in mind, who exactly will want to pay for a copy of the film on DVD?

Pfeiffer is sultry throughout as Susie Diamond. The Bridges brothers are overshadowed by Pfeiffer and much of the gritty, urban issues of broken homes and womanising performers seem old hat to a modern day audience and loose the impact they were meant to wield in the movie. You are supposed to be concerned that Beau Bridges' character lives on his own and sleeps with a lot of different women. But all you'll actually be able to concentrate on his mullet hairstyle. Quite out of character for a vanilla DVD release, The Fabulous Baker Boys includes a number of extras in the special features section on the disc. The avid viewer and fan of the flick are treated to a ludicrously out of date interview with Pfeiffer, a featurette on the making of the film and several other interviews with cast members. The interviews were not specially recorded for inclusion on this DVD release and they are in fact footage from behind-the-scenes programmes previously aired on American television some years previous.

The main DVD menu is attractive to look at and the music lifted straight from the film permeates the menu background and introduces the viewer to the movie's sentiment from the word go. The Fabulous Baker Boys is a wonderful film full to bursting with comedy, drama, wit, friendship and song. It's a whimsical ride back to the end of the 1980s and the beginning of the dream. Enjoy.

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