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Mack 10: Ghetto Gutter & Gangsta

producer: David Green

100 minutes (15) 2003
Wienerworld DVD Region 0 retail

RATING: 0/10
reviewed by Paul Broome
Hmm. The spelling of 'gangsta' should really be enough to tell you what is to come. Nope, not an intriguing grassroots documentary looking at the world of gangs and gangster rap, instead we have cigar-smoking Mack 10 hanging out with his buddies, flashing guns, jewellery and cars, talking about guns, girls and cars, gratuitous shots of naked "ho's," and more bad language than you would hear at a two-day Joe Pesci fan convention.
   The bulk of the DVD features footage from a Mack 10 show at the 'House of Blues' featuring Ice Cube, a host of other lesser known West Coast rappers, and an incredible amount of audience violence. If you like your entertainment misogynistic and visceral (and don't understand what either of those words means), then this could be just the thing for you. Otherwise this is product that preaches and teaches violence and disrespect, and goes someway to undoing a lot of the good work the likes of Chuck D and Run DMC have done in giving rap music a positive image.
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