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Episodes checklist:

Disc One:
   To Halve And To Hold
   Table Stakes
   Too Tough To Die
Disc Two:
   Face Lift
   35K O.B.O.
   Gentle Gentle
   Sounds Of Silence
Disc Three:
   Justice Is Served
   Evaluation Day
   Strip Strangler

October 2002                                                SITE MAP   SEARCH
C.S.I: Crime Scene Investigation
cast: William Petersen, Marg Helgenberger, Gary Dourdan, George Eads, and Paul Guilfoyle

created by Anthony E. Zuiker

530 minutes (15) 2001
Momentum DVD Region 2 retail
Also available to buy on video

RATING: 7/10
reviewed by Steven Hampton
[See our review of C.S.I. Volume One for full intro to this TV series -Ed]

This second package of three discs from the US crime series comprises episodes 13 to 23 of Season One (inclusive). It boasts several excellent storylines, handling operational analyses of brutal crimes and lively character development with verve and a commendable proficiency. As our scientist heroes scour offices, bedrooms, car interiors, and even a carnival ride, for trace evidence of foul play or justice for those falsely accused, the main CSI characters, led by Grissom (Petersen) become generic super-sleuths, using data processing, laboratory expertise and all manner of esoteric knowledge to crack puzzles, explain mysteries, uncover secrets, prove suspicions or quell doubts and answer the all-important question: whodunit?
   There are bombings that may be terrorism or simple revenge, a wife who killed her husband and actually got away with it, a rape victim left for dead, a carjacking incident that turns to double homicide, the tragedy of a deaf youth slain during a road rage hit-and-run, and the strange case of a corpse found out in the desert. The best episodes include: Face Lift, that questions sociopathic behaviour and looks at the possibility of a cynical split-personality legal defence rarely seen on TV; Justice Is Served, with its suspicious death on a mystery train resulting in vampire fears; and Strip Strangler, the story about pursuit of a serial killer which guest stars Gregg Henry (from Raising Cain, 1992) as an FBI agent.
   The thing about CSI is that science fact accounts for so much of the plots that if you do not enjoy natural history or tech news programmes, then you probably won't take to this very well. However, if you like medical documentaries and don't mind such niggling flaws as wholly unrealistic financial resources being available to this particular Las Vegas crime lab team, this should provide you with approx eight hours of worthwhile TV viewing.
   DVD extras - accessed via smart virtual lab menu design, include interviews with the main cast and crew, an interesting 'making-of' featurette, and production notes.