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Make The Yuletide Gay
cast: Keith Jordan, Hallee Hirsh, Adamo Ruggiero, Derek Long and, Kelly Keaton

director: Rob Williams

89 minutes (12) 2009
widescreen ratio 1.78:1
TLA DVD Region 2 retail
[released 9 November]

RATING: 7/10
reviewed by Sandra Scholes
Hannukah Vampires make part of the humour value in Make the Yuletide Gay. Nathan (Adamo Ruggiero) and Olaf 'Gunn' (Keith Jordan) finish their semester and are on their holidays, both hoping they can spend it together, but having family and other hang-ups, they know will get in the way. Nathan hopes he won't forget him over the holidays and with Christmas coming up they are hoping for something special coming their way.

Though they live in hope, there is also a problem as Nathan thinks his holiday will be a great one, but when he receives a call from his mother Martha (Gates McFadden) telling him they have won a Christmas cruise, the problem being there were only two tickets, which means he will be spending the entire Christmas alone in a big old house and will have to make his own plans.

It is a more restrained type of movie unlike Another Gay Movie made a few years ago, they tackle the problems gay men have with family when the mothers expect their boy to find a 'nice' girl, get married and give them grandchildren. Also they have to lie when asked about their friends as most of them are gay also.

Olaf tries to explain to his parents that he is gay, but an old friend prevents him from pouring out what he really feels. It doesn't help that his parents are trying to match make him with Abby (Hallee Hirsh) a family friend they see as a decent girl he could get with when he only wants to be with Nathan. Nathan gets the impression he's not happy to see him when he decides to drop by his house, he is just with him having not managed to tell his parents he is gay, he thinks having him around for Christmas will give away that fact.

The innuendos come thick and fast in Make the Yuletide Gay not unlike the 'Carry On' movies, but the real meaning is behind Olaf's coming out to his parents and how his decision to keep it all inside for the moment affects the both of them. Olaf tells his boyfriend about a kid at school who came out to his parents, Josh of the student council told them he was gay, thinking that due to them working in the entertainment industry with gay actors and actresses all the time they would be at the very least sympathetic, yet they hurt him at the most crucial point in his life by cutting him off altogether.

Olaf's main problem is his love for his parents, he thinks it would devastate him if he were cut off by them and completely stopped talking to him as a result. Nathan though can't understand why he won't come out as he sees his dad as a fun-loving man, and his wife the very essence of kind-hearted in a way his parents could never be. Nathan can never get over that he will never be regarded by his parents as anything but his friend and it is partly that that hurts him the most.

Though it isn't just Olaf who has problems, Nathan coming out to his parents wasn't an easy thing either. He was caught out one night when his parents came back from a night out to find him in bed with another boy. After that his parents changed in their attitude toward him and it is that which Olaf wants to prevent.

It starts out as a tense comedy with one character living a lie and with the potential to wreck his family life at home with one statement; that he is gay. The rest of the time as the movie progresses is rather light hearted and fun as a Christmas movie should be with a nice twist at the end nobody will see coming. It is the last part of the movie that will make sitting through it a whole lot more fun in the end.

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