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Superhero Movie
cast: Brent Spiner, Leslie Neilsen, Robert Joy, Regina Hall, and Pamela Anderson

writer and director: Craig Mazin

82 minutes (12) 2007
widescreen ratio 2.35:1
Momentum DVD Region 2 retail

RATING: 5/10
reviewed by James A. Stewart
It seems that every day a new spoof movie comes out. It has gotten to the stage now that directors and writers are working on serious versions of spoofs: or so it feels. We've had Epic Movie and Meet The Spartans to name but two very recent additions to the spoof canon and the latest DVD release in this genre is the acutely average Superhero Movie.

This is a film devoid of any imagination. The cast is worn, the jokes are worn and the whole piece feels like a cash cow as opposed to being anything worthy of decent acclaim. However, relative to some of its contemporaries, Superhero Movie does a not too shabby job of providing moments of mirth, as opposed to bellyfuls of laughs. And therein lies the problem with this film. It is okay. Not great. Airplane was great. Naked Gun (at least the original) was great. But Superhero Movie borrows so much from these films that it is almost like a lazy tribute act seeking to attain glory on the crest of someone else's wave.

In the casting we have the outstanding talent that is Leslie Nielsen, as fine a deadpan comic as a spoof film could hope for. The only problem is that he has been here a million times and the 'nice beaver' type gag is only funny the first 200 times. As well as Nielsen, the amply bosomed Pamela Anderson of swimsuit-clad BayWatch fame is brought in for some cheap gags. I am sure you can guess what they may be centred on.

Now, to be clear, you will laugh at some parts of this film. No doubt about it. Indeed, some of the jokes are decidedly funny. But given it is almost 90 minutes of spoof you would expect that. You will not need tape for your sides to stop them splitting, but you may find yourself repeating a gag or two to your colleagues at the water cooler.

This is funnier than your average 21st century movie spoof. It does entertain and it will not leave you feeling cheated so long as you go into the watching of this movie with your expectation-o-meter set at an appropriate level. You can enjoy it and not feel dirty, except perhaps for the bad taste humour around Stephen Hawking.

As stated at the outset, this is average. If fart jokes and crass sexual innuendo is your thing run as fast as your legs will carry you to the video shop and rent this movie. If you prefer something about more meaningful you may wish to steer clear. If you are neither and just want something that will make an hour and a half disappear easily, then get Superhero Movie.

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