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The Wonderful World Of Sex

100 minutes (18) 2002
Arrow DVD Region 0 retail
Also available to buy on video

RATING: 3/10
reviewed by Paul Broome
Oh dear, oh dear. Originally made for airing on one of the UK's softcore 'adult' cable channels, The Wonderful World Of Sex is comprised of 23 short 'documentaries' all concerning different aspects of the sex industry. From an insight into the hardcore casting couch, to an interview with Hugh Hefner, and genital 'sculpting' in a German swingers club.
   If you're expecting titillation and excitement, then you're going to be disappointed. If you're in the mood for sub-par EuroTrash style 'investigative' reporting then this may almost scrape up to your expectations. It took me four viewings to watch everything on offer here, not because I was offended or shocked, but because I was bored.
   The reports range from the moronic (the attendees at the London 'School Dinners' club really need a good slap - their single-digit IQ 'Rugby boy' behaviour made me shake my head in English-shame), to the pointless (another interview with Hefner where he tells us how lucky he feels...), and back to the moronic...
   Any viewers of the aforementioned long-running Antoine De Caunes-fronted Channel Four series will have seen endless 'reports' very similar to those on offer here (even the voiceovers sound identical), with exactly the same amount of nudity and sexual activity - but with added humour and zest.
   This really has very little to offer anyone.

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