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The Rutles: All You Need Is Cash
cast: Eric idle, Neil Innes, Rikki Fataar, and John Halsey

director: Gary Weis and Eric Idle

74 minutes (15) 1978
Second Sight DVD Region 2 retail
Also available to buy on video

RATING: 7/10
reviewed by John M. Peters
This movie has built up its own legend since its original release in 1978. All one has to say is that it is a spoof documentary on a Beatles-like pop group written and performed by ex-Python Eric Idle and ex-Bonzo Dog Band member Neil Innes, and featuring self-conscious cameo performances from George Harrison, Paul Simon, Mick Jagger (and Bianca), John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd and Michael Palin. While it is still very clever some of the gags and routines seem a little laboured now - the documentary style and spoofing have been recycled so many times on various tv shows and other movies that the original has become tarnished.
   What remains a joy for me, though, are Neil Innes' clever pastiches of Beatles songs and the Mersey-beat sound, a skill he expanded on during his several series of The Innes Book Of Records. These really are a pleasure to hear and it's a great shame that the full versions of these weren't included as audio tracks in the disc's special features section.
   As interesting and entertaining as it is to see The Rutles again, one can't help but feel that this release is a lost opportunity to document what was a genuinely groundbreaking movie. The extras on the DVD aren't over generous: a commentary by Eric Idle, who I have say sounds like he wanted to be somewhere else, two deleted scenes featuring Mick Jagger and Paul Simon, a new introduction by Eric Idle and the usual scene selection option - and that's it. Oh, and don't expect too much from the soundtrack, it's in mono - so all expense has been spared. Again, it's a shame that nobody bothered to interview Innes for this DVD release.