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Andy Sidaris boxset

Return To Savage Beach is also released in a DVD boxset edition, with Sidaris' earlier films, Savage Beach and Enemy Gold.

Visit the filmmakers' website - for great pictures, the latest film news, and details of Sidaris' autobiographical book Bullets Bombs And Babes, and other collectors' items.

Return To Savage Beach

cast: Julie Strain, Julie K. Smith, Christian Letelier, Shae Marks, and Carrie Westcott

writer and director: Andy Sidaris
98 minutes (R) 1998
BCI Eclipse DVD Region 1 retail

RATING: 7/10
reviewed by Jeff Young
Ninth and last of Andy Sidaris' main-sequence of 'bullets, bombs and babes' action flicks, this revisits the plotline of Savage Beach, and serves as a sequel to Day Of The Warrior (which I reviewed last month). In the opening sequence, there's a victory for our super agents as they nix a theft by terrorists of some weapons but, back at the Lethal Force HQ, the lady-in-red pizza delivery girl is up to no good. Computer files, including a treasure map, are stolen. Frequently amusing boss, Commander Willow Black (Julie Strain, very fetching in her 'Xena' outfit), is not amused herself, though. A mystery blonde flies to Hawaii. Reformed bad guy Warrior (Marcus Bagwell) is the picture of vanity, here. Rodrigo Obregon (in Savage Beach characterisation) returns as a phantom-of-the-opera stallion complete with psycho maniacal laugh. At feeding time, the martial arts dude confesses: "My family abandoned me as a child. I was raised by waitresses."
Shae Marks and Julie K. Smith Julie Strain in Return to Savage Beach
Return To Savage Beach fields a number of inventive chases and shootouts in the time-honoured Sidaris fashion. In addition to the usual array of cars, bikes, planes and boats, there's even a mini-sub. Sexy hardware is complemented by glamorous 'software' and yes, of course, I'm sure the underwater photography of topless babes swimming is essential to the development of this film's narrative. As the Interpol spy Sophia, Carrie Westcott deserves a special mention as sexiest performer this time around. Like the chief villain, viewers are distracted by her obvious charms and so we're uncertain of whose side she's on, until the very end. The 'talking bomb' finale is hilarious!

As usual with Sidaris films, this defies the constraints of its connect-the-dots plot and gives fans of sexploitation an unmatched parody of Bondian antics. How the chicks with huge boobs manage to hide behind such anorexic trees is truly a wonder of camera trickery.

DVD extras: behind-the-scenes footage, production stills, trailers, and director's commentary track.

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