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The Butcher
cast: Myiea Coy, Hazel Dean, Ashley Rebecca Hawkins, Bill Jacobson, and Tiffany Kristensen

director: Edward Gorsuch

90 minutes (18) 2006
widescreen ratio 1.78:1
Revolver DVD Region 2 retail

RATING: 7/10
reviewed by Christopher Teague
Taken at face value, this is a very cheap and tacky horror flick - the pointless, not to mention rather plot-loss, account of a group of annoying students on a road-trip where nasty things happen, but maybe it's due to the independent streak within me, or perhaps the fact that the filmmakers set out to make such a film with no hint nor delusion of grandeur, that I actually began to enjoy the film.

There is nothing intrinsically original, clever or exciting here, but The Butcher is nonetheless a decent attempt at producing a horror flick that triumphs over many efforts produced by the larger film producers. For its faults, which lie mainly in the cast and script departments, Edward Gorsuch is a more than competent director at staging the suspense, and despite lacklustre dialogue, there is a hint of the rarely-seen and under-appreciated Donald Pleasance chiller, Death Line: an attempt for the audience to empathise with the antagonists - a couple whose only wish is to be left alone, out there in the wilderness in their isolated farmhouse...

There is also an air of old-school effects work, with sausages and offal being used as intestine substitutes and, whereas with many modern attempts at producing such films, the soundtrack is not filled with out of place rock music or the vastly more annoying dance tracks - again, there is an old-school approach, with much use of the piano to add suspense.

Do not even contemplate switching on your brain when you sit down to watch this, for you will be extremely disappointed - nay, angry at wasting 90 minutes of your life - but for sheer unadulterated trashy fun then you won't be disappointed.

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