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Adventures With Iczer 3
voice cast: Anna Conrich, Elly Fairman, and Roger May

director: Toshihiro Hirano

180 minutes (12) 2004
Manga DVD Region 2 retail

RATING: 1/10
reviewed by Debbie Moon
Insane super-villain Neos has unleashed an army of alien monsters to devastate the Earth, and the only thing standing between her and humanity is a race of robot girls, of whom the youngest is Iczer III. Oh, and high school student Nagisa, who conveniently has a part-time job on a military base (the military recruiting policy in Japan is evidently rather different to Britain), and is the human key to the giant mechanoid fighting machine that Iczer III deploys to defeat their enemies. Then there's Iczer I, who's a good guy; and Iczer II, who isn't, then changes her mind. I think. I might have got all those numbers confused.

In fact, the whole thing is frankly confusing. I had to watch the opening episode twice before I had the faintest idea what all the flashing lights and shrieking pixie-girls were supposed to add up to. I haven't seen this much bad dialogue, clunky plotting, unbelievable behaviour and paper-thin characterisation since Attack Of The Clones - and that's an insult I don't deploy lightly. Every episode seems to be identical - a minion of Neos arrives, there's a fight, the good guys win, Neos sulks. And talking of Mr Lucas, why hasn't he sued these guys for 'borrowing' his lightsabres - complete with authentic sound effects?

It's hard to see who to recommend this for. (People who think Attack Of The Clones is a work of artistic genius, perhaps? No, they'd at least expect better scenery...) The brutality and gratuitous nudity rule out kids, but the mind-numbing fight sequences and infantile interaction between interchangeable characters will only satisfy the most undemanding adults. There really are so many animes out there that are so much better than this - sorry, but I regretfully recommend you save your money and buy something better...

DVD extras: a trailer reel.

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