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Wishmaster 4: The Prophecy Fulfilled
cast: Michael Trucco, Tara Spencer-Narin, Jason Tompson, and John Novak

director: Chris Angel

89 minutes (18) 2001
Mosaic VHS rental
Also available to buy on DVD
[released 10 June]

RATING: 6/10
reviewed by Ian Shutter
Superior to its predecessor in every way, this fourth instalment in the fantasy horror franchise launched by Wes Craven has a definite air of finality about it (not a bad thing, considering relatively uninspiring merits of past sequels like Wishmaster 3: The Devil Stone), and yet I doubt they'll let the monster rest if this performs well enough on video.
   Lisa's three-year relationship with Sam (Jason Tompson) has been damaged and insecure since the motorbike accident that left him in a wheelchair. Verdel (Michael Trucco), the lawyer fighting their civil action against the makers of faulty brakes that caused the crash, is attracted to Lisa (Tara Spencer-Narin), but nothing happens until he's killed and replaced by the monstrous grey djinn (John Novak), which assumes human form and continues its mission to grant the three wishes that will release legions of its kind from burning hell. After the magically acquired $10 million insurance payoff, Sam finds he can walk again, but the fate of the world hangs on Lisa's romantic choice, as her third wish is for something that only she can grant.
   As before, there's a dark angelic demon hunter from the heavens, sent to stop the end of the world, but he's just as violent and ruthless as the monster because he wants to kill the wisher, not the djinn. No help for Lisa there, then! If I tell you that the ending is reminiscent of Hellraiser (1987), you should have some idea of how things will turn out here.
   Worth a look if you're after a decent fantasy horror video rental.