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Rock Star
cast: Mark Wahlberg, Jennifer Anniston, Jason Flemyng, and Timothy Spall

director: Stephen Herek

102 minutes (15) 2001
Warner VHS retail
Also available to rent or buy on DVD
[released 1 July]

RATING: 6/10
reviewed by Debbie Moon
Chris Cole lives to rock and roll. He's the lead singer with a tribute band dedicated to British heavy rockers Steel Dragon - every note, every costume, every move an imitation of his idols. When Steel Dragon's temperamental front man walks out, Chris seems the perfect choice to replace him. It's every thing he's ever dreamed of; but life in the fast lane threatens to cost him his girl, his ambitions to write his own material, and his sanity...
   The world of heavy metal has always been poised uneasily between the sublime and the ridiculous, and this rags-to-riches story rarely misses a chance to poke fun at its excesses. Vacuous wives, nymphets sneaked backstage on 'pussy passes', and the lunacies of the tribute band phenomena all come in for some gentle ribbing.
   In the end, though, this is a likeable but lightweight drama about learning to be an individual. Mark Wahlberg, not without experience in the music business, is pretty plausible as a blue-collar dreamer turned lipsticked rock god. Jennifer Aniston makes the best of a lacklustre role as his girlfriend, and Timothy Spall's pragmatic road manager has the best of the comedy. The stadium concerts interspersed with the drama are impressively staged, and the music isn't bad either. A decent evening's entertainment for anyone who's ever played air guitar in the bathroom mirror - and let's face it, haven't we all?