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The Red Squirrel
cast: Emma Suárez, Nancho Nova, Maria Baranco, Karra Elejalde, and Carmelo Gomez

director: Julio Medem

109 minutes (18) 1993
widescreen ratio 16:9
Tartan DVD Region '0' retail

RATING: 8/10
reviewed by Ian Shutter
A romantic mystery from Spain, The Red Squirrel is a movie that's - largely - about deception. Amnesiac femme fatale Lisa (Suárez) goes along with pretence of failed pop star Jota (Nova) that he's her boyfriend, and they embark on a convalescent holiday together. But this mystery blonde is not as traumatised as she appears, and Jota's intriguing mind-games turn into dangerous duplicity when Lisa's real boyfriend, the nearly psychotic Felix, tracks her down.
   Julio (Lovers Of The Arctic Circle, Sex And Lucia, Vacas) Medem's "anti-macho parable" caused a prize-winning stir at Cannes in 1992, and confirmed his reputation as one of the most talented new writer/directors of Spanish cinema. This mix of edgy romance, character study, and Hitchcockian thriller boasts some startling imagery, and is deserving of your attention, especially if you're fed up with Hollywood's same old recycled clichés.
   The DVD features an anamorphic transfer, Dolby digital soundtrack in Spanish with English subtitles, plus filmographies of the director and stars, film notes by Robert Stone, theatrical trailer, world cinema promos.