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Good Advice
cast: Charlie Sheen, Angie Harmon, Denise Richards, Jon Lovitz, and Rosanna Arquette

director: Steve Rash

94 minutes (15) 2001
Mosaic VHS retail
Also available to buy on DVD

RATING: 6/10
reviewed by Ellen Cheshire
Not knowing anything about the film when I sat down to watch it, I was initially surprised by how familiar it all felt - here was Charlie Sheen as a big Wall Street stockbroker getting mixed up in an insider trading scam - hadn't we been here before in the 1980s?
   Suddenly the scam falls flat and Ryan Turner (Sheen) finds himself out of job, out of his apartment and unemployable. He turns to his only means of support his beautiful and somewhat vacuous girlfriend Cindy (Denise Richards). Their relationship goes from bad to worse until Cindy ups and leaves him for a South American diamond mine owner. With the rent due Ryan needs money fast, so when Cindy's boss, Page (Harmon), phones to find out where her next newspaper advice column is Ryan suddenly thinks he's found a way out of debt. Well, I mean how hard can it be to give some poor schmucks advice? With a little help from his friends Barry (Lovitz) and Cathy (Arquette) he soon finds out...
   The opening 'Wall Street' sequence is a bit dull, but when we are introduced to Cindy and her appalling advice column things take a turn for the better and when we get rid of the by now really annoying Cindy, and Ryan takes over her job things definitely pick up. There is, of course, a predictable love/hate relationship between Ryan and newspaper editor Page, which is right out of one of those lovely screwball comedies with Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy. It is handled well and we are rooting all along for them to finally get together. Charlie Sheen, who seems to have been in career hell for some time, does some good work here and is ably supported by this high calibre ensemble cast. This film is not going to rock any boats but it is certainly a pleasurable way of spending an hour and a half.