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The Raccoons: season 1


The Raccoons - season two
voice cast: Michael Magee, Len Carlson, Marvin Goldhar, Bob Dermer, and Geoffrey Winter

creator: Kevin Gillis

233 minutes (U) 1987
Fabulous DVD Region 2 retail

RATING: 9/10
reviewed by Jo Johnson-Smith
I loved this series as a child, the way it pitted the almost hippie raccoons against the aardvark Sneer family. Where the moral message wasn't forced into your face like it was in the American cartoons of the 1980s like He-Man or The Mask, it left you to think about the consequences of your actions of which our hero of the series Burt (a raccoon) finds this out.

It's odd to look back at the things of your childhood with adult eyes and experience and this is no exception, the animation is as you'd expect a little dated but it's realistic, when most were in an age of escapism. Canadian made it's honesty still hits where it should, making you think about the characters and not just watch the antics of the Sneer family and their piggy minions. Might doesn't always win out, the good don't always win but the strength of human nature comes through the stories, some thought it too preachy at the time or too 'hippie' in it's moral compass. But as a pure joy of entertainment it can't be beaten, watching it I found a smile I'd forgotten about.

The stories on this two disc offering are full of charm, joy, happiness and outright pleasure, my favourite story has to be the one about the caves but that's all I'll say about it because it's worth the time to watch it. Running at nearly three hours each you get the whole immersion into the Evergreen Forest (which can be a little difficult to get back out of if you're going to work), you may find yourself smiling at complete strangers and offering them help. For children today I'm not sure they'd accept the message portrayed here or side on the Sneer's avaricious designs but it portrays a world view that many could do with adopting.

So if you have anyone you want to mellow out, make them rethink the world they live in and how they treat themselves and the people around them this could be a good present. For kids between six and nine, perfect to get them into the ideas of sharing and caring about more than themselves.

I love this series. It really does explain why Canada isn't American in outlook because they still repeat the show there. One for the days when the world seems a little too much to bear and life has kicked you in the sensitive parts, we get what we deserve in the long run and peace doesn't have a price tag. Oh, and one last thing... the one episode with the aunty who's old, it'll make you think twice about your grandma.

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