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Kill Shot
cast: Casper Van Dien, Denise Richards, Jack Scalia, Sally Kellerman, and Elliott Gould

director: Nelson McCormick

92 minutes (15) 1995
MIA DVD Region 2 retail

RATING: 2/10
reviewed by Christopher Geary
Made before they co-starred in Verhoeven's science fictional adventure, Starship Troopers, Kill Shot is a TV movie that toplines Casper Van Dien, and has Denise Richards in a minor supporting role (second billing but screen time of only cameo status), yet squanders the undoubted talents of both promising actors on a weak, lethargic plot with no more substance than your average daytime soap opera.
   It's about the residents in beachfront flats that are trying to sort out their lives, and empty lifestyle problems, while a Malibu restaurateur wants to assemble his own volleyball team - hoping this will attract more custom. There's a glam cast of shallow characters: a computer nerd, gay black guy, reclusive supermodel, lonely chick, slumming rich kid, single-mum with nightclub singer ambitions, middle-aged entrepreneur, etc... and the leisurely pace tends to avoid having too much actually happen at once.
   Van Dien is generally tolerable as the womanising slacker who's secretly heir to an international business empire (Elliott Gould has a cameo as his dad), Jack Scalia lurks threateningly in the background as a jealous stalker, and the action climax of an inadvertent kidnapping provides a neat mistaken-identity plot twist but, in all honesty, this is rarely more interesting than an episode of BayWatch.
   DVD extras: behind the scenes footage, two trailers, star biographies.