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Bone Dry
cast: Luke Goss, Lance Henriksen, Tiny Lister, Dee Wallace, and Jennifer Siebel

director: Brett A. Hart

100 minutes (15) 2007
widescreen ratio 1.85:1
Metrodome DVD Region 2 retail

RATING: 7/10
reviewed by James A. Stewart
I like to think that movies like Bone Dry are akin to car crashes; I don't want to see it happen but once I start watching I just can't keep my eyes off it. Lead actor Luke Goss lost the stigma of being associated with that god-awful British pop combo Bros with his sterling performance in Blade II. In Bone Dry he produces another sound showing as run-of-the-mill businessman Eddie, and it will be interesting to see the scope of his role in the forthcoming Hellboy sequel.

Eddie is kidnapped at gunpoint by Jimmy who has a perverse agenda in mind for Eddie, and for the remainder of his life, which Jimmy plans on being pretty short. A series of skirmishes, traps and ambushes follow as Eddie is dragged from pillar to post by Jimmy. Throughout, Eddie becomes more desperate to uncover the identity of his assailant and would-be killer.

The net result is a decent thriller: the psychotic murderer hunting down the ordinary Joe. The hunt taking place throughout the Mojave Desert; Jimmy is always a step ahead and always holding the upper hand. It is a tad clichéd, sure, but the tension resulting makes that forgivable. It is essentially a cat-and-mouse thriller. Lance Henriksen, most famous for his role as Bishop in the Aliens franchise, puts in a fine show as the hunter.

Without giving too much away the most redeeming feature of Bone Dry is the ending - a well orchestrated and planned event - on the part of Jimmy. It builds toward a satisfying climax at a palatable pace but you just can't help feeling that some of the traps were just a touch superfluous and make no difference to the overall product; save adding the odd bit of dread or padding to what is already an easy to watch and understand movie.

Such movies can be subject to the law of diminishing returns, clearly there is a multitude of these types of pictures from this genre, but the following quote from the official Bone Dry movie website is just a little over-the-top: "Similar to such groundbreaking films as Deliverance [and] Spielberg's breakout film Duel." The difference between good and great is what sets Bone Dry apart from the two classics referenced on That said, if you enjoyed Deliverance and Duel then you would probably find Bone Dry to your liking. Bone Dry is well shot and the majority of it is in desert locations that add to the spectacle. Like most independent movies there is little in the way to write home of in respect to extra features.

So, that car crashing isn't a Ferrari, but at the same time it certainly isn't a Reliant Robin - Bone Dry is worth watching; a little rubbernecking never hurt anyone, did it?

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