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Kong: Return To The Jungle

80 minutes (U) 2006
BKN DVD Region 2 retail

RATING: 5/10
reviewed by Jim Starkey
This animated adventure follows a similar storyline to Peter Jackson's recently remade King Kong, and is clearly designed as a family-friendly version of its mega-budget Hollywood cousin. Many of the scenes from Jackson's feature were probably a little too frightening for younger children so in this respect Kong: Return To The Jungle is ideal.

The film is similar in part to the 1970s' Godzilla cartoons - full of action but with a clear message underneath the storyline. In all honesty, the quality of the animation here cannot hold a candle to many other productions on the market. Some of the drawings appear decidedly shaky and this is exacerbated during action sequences.

There are also issues surrounding the musical score on offer. The tunes here are fairly uninspired and this is a shame as a more powerful offering could have given an added dimension to proceedings.

Anyone expecting a diversion from the traditional Kong plot will be disappointed as this sticks, primarily, to tried and tested lines. Much here appears rushed - no surprising given the success of Jackson's version. It is understandable that the owners of the trademark would wish to cash in on the younger end of the market. However, given the fierce competition in the animation market from the likes of Dreamworks and Pixar, this is only really going to appeal to those whose interest stretches beyond the 2005 hit movie.

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