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Field Of Honour
cast: Aidan Quinn, Kelsey Grammar, and Flora Montgomery

director: Mikael Salomon

90 minutes (12) 2003
Odyssey / Prism Leisure
DVD Region 2 rental or retail

RATING: 3/10
reviewed by Emily Webb
Field Of Honour (aka: Benedict Arnold: A Question Of Honour) is based on the true story of Benedict Arnold, a heroic military leader of the Patriots, willing to die for the cause during the War of Independence. However, when he falls in love with and marries Peggy Shipman, a British sympathiser, he causes huge controversy, forcing him to re-examine where his allegiances lie.

A flimsy film about the American Revolution but leading men Aidan Quinn (who plays Benedict Arnold) and Kelsey Grammar (the star of TV series, Frasier) as commander and future president George Washington - lend some gravitas to this otherwise average film. Benedict Arnold is one of the key figures of the American Revolution - and one of its most infamous. Flora Montgomery gives the best performance as Peggy - the woman who mesmerises Arnold.

This film would never appeal to me usually but what sustained my interest was Aidan Quinn, an actor that I believe has never really gained the credit and success that he deserves, albeit a stint in the early 1980s and early 1990s where he was in cinema releases that weren't particularly commercially successful (Legends Of The Fall, Blink, Benny And Joon, Michael Collins). Now Quinn pays the bills (and his lawyers after being arrested for drink driving in early 2004) doing made-for-TV films and mini-series in his native America.

Interestingly, He has auditioned at least twice for the Coen brothers without being hired and now allegedly refuses their audition requests. Had the legendary filmmakers hired him, maybe Quinn wouldn't have had to do films like this one.

DVD extras: a featurette that gives some historical background about Benedict Arnold.

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