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The Doll Squad
cast: Francine York, Michael Ansara, Anthony Eisley, Rafael Campos, and Lisa Todd

director: Ted V. Mikels

92 minutes (15) 1974
MIA DVD Region 2 retail
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RATING: 6/10
reviewed by Rob Marshall

When a manned space mission is sabotaged and ends in tragedy, the CIA calls in a team of female secret agents to find those responsible. The US President gives Sabrina (Francine York) two weeks to sort it out, but the baddies have a spy in the government so they start killing off Sabrina's team (karate girl in hot pants and a lady scientist are both shot in the head) even before the Doll Squad's assignment has properly started. Soon, we learn that Michael Ansara (remember him as first Klingon from the original Star Trek TV series?) plans to conquer the world, using a viral plague spread by rats.
   This is all lip-gloss, big hair, and bell-bottom slacks. Espionage clichés include a captured spy taking a cyanide tab, a special poison that makes men explode into dust and vapour, sexy commandos in bikinis and natty jumpsuit uniforms, a raid on the villain's island base, and a thuggish henchman who likes slapping girls just for fun. Unlike the heroines of TV's original Charlie's Angels, these action babes have no qualms about machine-gunning a legion of guards.
   The film features one of those 1970s' jazzy scores that's always in full swing, even when there's not much really happening in terms of drama or stunts. This is not a masterpiece of its 'girls from UNCLE' sub-genre, but there is enough humour and camp a dventuring to ensure it deserves cult status among aficionados of such trash cinema.
   DVD extras: full-screen presentation, interview with director plus filmography, publicity artwork and stills gallery, original trailer.

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