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Strike It Lucky

Fremantle interactive DVD Region 2 retail

RATING: 7/10
reviewed by Andrew Hook
Somehow I've become the resident interactive DVD reviewer here at VideoVista, but when it was suggested I take Strike It Lucky for review I wasn't exactly filled with enthusiasm. I'd never been a fan of the show, mainly because of the over-the-top, appeal-to-the-lowest-common-denominator host, Michael Barrymore. However, I was pleasantly surprised here. The game is not only faithful to the original show, with the sets, questions, and host Barrymore (toned down when not playing to a studio audience, and occasionally very funny), but it also plays a lot faster than some of the DVD games I've seen so far. This, combined with a ragbag mix of easy and difficult questions, actually makes for an enjoyable gaming experience for one, two, or three players.

The game varies slightly when playing solo or with more than one player, but basically a category is given and six possible answers are shown. Depending on whether you have selected to answer two, three, or four questions, you then are given that number of questions and must select the answers from the available list. In the multi-player game, if you get a question wrong, then the next player can answer the question. In the single-player game a wrong answer loses you one of five lives. A correct answer allows you to proceed along a series of screens dependent on the number of questions you answered, until you hit a 'hot spot' or reach the end of the board. Instead of picking up prizes along the way as you would have done in the TV show, you collect categories which gives you a greater variety of questions during the end game. Upon reaching the end of the board, the winner plays a solo game.

The winner's game involves you navigating the screens across the board, avoiding hot spots, and occasionally answering questions, until you reach the end. It isn't easy at all... whilst writing this review I played the single player game about 15 times and only won once. Not only that, but none of the questions were repeated, which suggests the game has a reasonable playing-life, again unlike some of the other interactive DVD games I've seen. If you win, you are given a code in which you can enter a prize draw for a home entertainment system. It seems a little cheeky that in order to enter your text message will be charged a pound, but I guess its par for the course nowadays!

Overall, the speed of the game, the mix and difficulty of the questions, the whole interactive feel, and - yes - the presence of Michael Barrymore, makes playing this an enjoyable experience. Recommended for those who like such games.

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