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Twitches: Bewitched Edition
cast: Tia and Tamera Mowry

director: Stuart Gilliard

86 minutes (PG) 2005
Buena Vista NTSC DVD Region 1 retail

RATING: 2/10
reviewed by Noell Wolfgram Evans
I saw this movie called Twitches over Halloween. The snarky reviewer would go on to comment that the title is an apt one because watching the film gives you just that. But that would imply that the film at least provoked some sort of reaction. It's not that this movie is bad; it's just not needed. It's one of those films that just sort of lies there. If it were human it would be your dull uncle who flops on the couch after a holiday meal. You sit there waiting for him to do something but nothing ever happens.

Twitches stars (and I use the term loosely) twins Tia and Tamera Mowry. They are onetime television stars (Sister, Sister) that have been able to make a career out of playing siblings. Here they are the twitches (twin witches) of the title. Separated at birth, not knowing of the other's existence, they meet on their 21st birthday when cosmic fate (and numb plotting) throw them together to save the world of magic. Or at least I think that was it. To be honest things got so numb that I went a little cathartic. The film is based on a book series of the same name and one hopes that, in that incarnation, the characters showed a little more life. Twitches is directed by journeyman director Stuart Gillard in a very safe, by-the-numbers sort of way.

The movie is new to DVD, having first been a Disney channel original film. That is no excuse though as the folks at the Disney channel have put together a number of mildly entertaining original films recently. This one though, perhaps because it has to live under such a large shadow (the boy wizard, you know), decides to retreat rather than compete in the teen wizard arena. It's not as if there can just be one movie in this genre, there are certainly a number of diverse stories to tell, it's just that this film chooses to tell none of them. The DVD package offers the standard behind-the-scenes footage as well as an alternative ending and a crystal ball prediction 'game' that takes more time than it's worth.

If you've got a fan of wizards and witches in your life and you're trying to get them to take up a new attraction, you would do well to show them this film.

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