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Q: The Essential Music Quiz

Demon Vision (E) 2006

Interactive DVD Region 2 retail

RATING: 4/10
reviewed by Andrew Hook
My wife and I played this interactive quiz shortly after the Play Your Cards Right quiz reviewed elsewhere this issue, and to be honest, it makes that latter DVD seem exciting! Whilst there appears to be much on offer here according to the jacket ("featuring original music and video clips, as well as hundreds of archive photos"), the actual experience is less memorable. The snippets of music are few and far between, and hardly an attraction. The video clips are short and small. The archive photos don't add much to the experience either.

The game can be played two ways, either by answering 120 questions in a row that are segregated into departments ('categories' would make more sense!), or by answering 20 random questions. The answers are multiple-choice, and your score/ rating is revealed at the end of the round. The main problem with the game is that 120 questions aren't enough. We went for the 20 random question option and played it three times each, which - apart from some questions that were repeated - almost exhausted the entire question-bank over less than an hour.

The categories ('Undercover', 'Words of Wisdom', 'Q Radio', etc) aren't particularly specific or different to be relevant. Some of the questions are overly simple, others too obscure. In terms of variety, whilst I wouldn't argue that it's an excellent song Nick Cave's The Mercy Seat appears twice, which seems a little short-sighted of the quiz compiler. Another question asks us to name a song that is playing. The snippet we hear is as follows: "you spin me right round baby right round like a record baby round round round round" and even if you've never heard of Spin Me Round (Like A Record) by Dead Or Alive, chances are you'd guess the title from the multiple-choice answers, er, no, it's not 'Spinning Plates'. The question compiler seems to have been rather lacklustre to say the least - there's little consistency of imagination, which might have made the DVD more interesting.

Ultimately this is an interactive DVD with limited appeal, about one hour's maximum play, not particularly interesting clips/ photos, and writing so small that I had to sit about five inches away from the television to read it. If it had been given away with a copy of Q Magazine then no one would grumble, but at an RRP of �19.99 it's a rip off. Ever had the feeling that you've been cheated?

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