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Good Times
cast: : Sonny Bono, Cher, and George Sanders

director: William Friedkin

88 minutes (15) 1967 widescreen 16:9
Film Collection DVD Region 2 retail

RATING: 5/10
reviewed by Richard G. Vander
A playful fantasy comedy starring Sonny & Cher, and featuring musical interludes to showcase proto pop video performances of four songs, including an exclusive version of the duo's classic hit, I Got You Babe. George Sanders is good value as big-shot Hollywood producer Mordicus, oiling the studio wheels for wannabe movie star Sonny Bono, while Cher (still appealing, before she turned into 'plastic' woman) wiles away her non-singing days as a hopeful fashion designer - and, oh man´┐Ż some of the clothes here are beyond awful!
   There's a western parody, a Tarzan send-up, and a private eye spoof, as Sonny enjoys fantasising about name-above-the-title roles. He makes a sadly un-heroic figure whatever genre or setting he explores or exploits, yet the film's look behind the scenes of the carnival-like dream factory, is intriguing enough to hold modern attention spans.
   Where Good Times is not so good is in the omnipresent bright, cheery colour scheme, vapid sleepwalking dialogue, and horribly dated ambiance of its empty, vanity movie production - following a commercial trend launched by The Beatles, and continued into the narcissistic 1980s by Prince.
   DVD extras: text-only biographies of the director and film's stars with trivia and quotes, slideshow plus musical accompaniment, song selection.

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