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Storm Catcher
cast: Dolph Lundgren, Mystro Clark, John Pennell, Kylie Bax, and Robert Miano

director: Anthony Hickox

91 minutes (18) 1999
High Fliers VHS rental
[released 5 August]

RATING: 3/10
reviewed by Jeff Young
In this routinely implausible low-cost actioner, favoured slab of B-movie muscle, Dolph Lundgren, plays USAF test pilot Jack Holloway, a poor schmuck who gets framed for the theft of a hi-tech stealth aircraft - only one day after he proves that its invisibility to radar is just as helpful over American soil, as it would be against the enemies of America. His bosses betray him, then his home is raided, his wife is stabbed and his young daughter is taken hostage. As if that weren't enough, the bad guys release mighty Jack from official custody, so he's forced to go on the run from regular cops, crooks and CIA spooks alike, in a proudly desperate effort to clear his good name.
   Yes, folks, I'm afraid this is the standard lone hero versus a sinister conspiracy all over again. There is stuff borrowed from Clint Eastwood's Firefox (1982) and John Woo's Broken Arrow (1996) here, but there's none of the shameless techno glamour or blockbuster spectacle, which those two films possessed in abundance, to enliven the solidly formulaic plot of this unfortunately witless thriller. Also, as a fan of girls with guns, I was disappointed that Australian TV actress, Kimberley Davies (of Neighbours fame), wasn't given more to do in the movie as one of the federal agents named Lock and Load! The best and only good thing about Storm Catcher is the stunt work, supervised by Spiro Razatos.