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Dirty Love II
- The Love Games: Intrigue
cast: Valentine Demy, Alex Freyberger, David D'Ingeo, Alessandro Scotti, and Maurice Poli

director: Alex Damiano

94 minutes (18) 1988
Argent DVD Region 0 retail

RATING: 2/10
reviewed by Martin Drury
1980s' Italian erotica comes to DVD as a poorly dubbed second-rate Emmanuelle rip-off with desire replaced by impossibly hunky men with mullet hairstyles and a poor grasp of English. Onetime prostitute Eva (alias: 'the lady of the red sofa') is now a widow. She picks up three homeless men and escorts them to her estate. Eva tells the men the story of her life, has regular sex with the three men and takes on the role of mother hen in an extraordinary household. The dialogue of the actors never matches the mouth movements of the players in this film and the DVD transfer has left a grainy feel to the picture colour. The sex scenes are predictable and simply act as pauses in the narrative. Thus, this is not what one could technically classify as a porn film, despite what the title might suggest to the eager purchaser. The British accent of one of the characters glimpsed in Eva's flashback sequences is hilarious and one is left unsure as to whether parody was intended or was simply the result of an unintentional mistake on the part of the director.

In the end, the hapless homeless men plot to murder their devoted mother hen and obedient whore. You've never laughed until you've laughed at two men with mullet hairstyles that would have made Pat Sharp wince, plotting to end someone's life through means of poison. Salon Kitty, the darkly disturbing pornographic film about a brothel controlled by an insane Nazi, was as a badly dubbed as Dirty Love II but the reason one finds this funny is because it is, quite frankly, pointless as a film. It's also boring, drags, makes you want to test out the fast forward feature on your DVD player remote control and generally leaves you with the feeling that watching this film has robbed you of over 90 minutes of your life which you will never be able to get back. The viewer doesn't know Eva and thus doesn't care about her former life as a prostitute, or her life as a widow, or why she has given refuge to three homeless men who just turn up on screen for no reason and with no history or character to speak of.

The picture and sound quality of the DVD remain throughout the movie at a substandard level and there's evidence of a background noise during playback. Yet, this doesn't seem to matter once you consider that there is no prospect of you actually wanting to watch this film more than once. There's no extras or special features to speak of and even if there were you wouldn't be interested in sitting down to watch them because of how angry watching the main picture would have made you feel. If you're looking for a porn film, then buy a porn movie. These are the days of the liberated. There's no need to dress up what you're buying by buying into the whole art house vibe. Anyone looking for convincing story, plot or any type of characterisation will wail with disappointment after watching Dirty Love II.

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