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2 Minutes Later
cast: Michael Molina, Jessica Graham, Peter Stickles, Jennifer Layne Park, and J. Matthew Miller

writer and director: Robert Gaston

68 minutes (15) 2008
widescreen ratio 1.85:1
TLA DVD Region 2 retail
[released 27 April]

RATING: 5/10
reviewed by James A. Stewart
Sexy lesbian PI helps gay man find his missing twin brother. That is the simple plot synopsis for Robert Gaston's movie, 2 Minutes Later. This low-budget offering has its moments but in the end leaves the viewer not really bothered about wanting more, despite the supposed tease when the credits are introduced with 'THE END?'

2 Minutes Later is pretty much standard PI fare with a hint of homosexuality thrown in for good measure. Expanding upon the earlier plot commentary; Abigail (Jessica Graham - Devil Girl, Thirsty) is hired to find the missing twin of Michael Dalmar (Michael Molina). The plot itself is the tried and tested PI thriller piece with some humour and innuendo thrown in to spice things up. There is also no shortage of gratuitous nudity which really does nothing to support the story.

There are some rumours that 2 Minutes Later may a prequel to a TV show and that is exactly what it feels like. Aside from the simple, but spiced plot, the entire production has a feel of basic delivery about it. The lovely PI will break hearts and adorn many a front cover, but in all honesty, she won't need to clear space in her dining cabinet for any awards or prizes for acting. Likewise, for the rest of the cast... They are just about tolerable and the cinematography is as cheap as chips.

One of the most endearing things about this offering is the fact that it never gets too deep into stereotyping and it doesn't take itself seriously, which allows for the comedic moments to carry more weight and credence. In that regard, it becomes semi-enjoyable. I mean, who could take a gun-toting, high-heels and tight-dress-wearing, lesbian PI chasing bad guys in her dancing apparel seriously? If you can, you've never seen Magnum PI.

Thanks to this, 2 Minutes Later belts out some quite enjoyable scenes without ever hitting the heights of purist PI genre movies, it is quite flagrant about its standing. It is a gay/ lesbian promoting film, done a shoestring budget and with average actors, production and direction. But, it isn't bad - or great.

I suspect Robert Gaston may have better movies in him, but for the time being 2 Minutes Later remains an okay film showing some moments of mirth, plenty of unnecessary nudity and a couple of quaint leads whose lack of talent does not get in the way of creating a film that, whilst not slaking your film thirst, at least satisfies it for a wee while.

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