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cast: Tiffany Bolling, Frank Luz, Julie Newmar, Jack Carter, and Britt Ekland

director: Bud Townsend

82 minutes (18) 1984
Fabulous DVD Region 2 retail

RATING: 5/10
reviewed by Tom Johnstone
This bland and tacky soft porn romance concerns an ambitious Hollywood director who makes the mistake of casting his wife in a bland and tacky soft porn romance. He is soon rewarded for this error of judgement with a pair of cuckold's horns. The opening shot pans along a trail of discarded clothes up to the bedroom of the couple's luxurious combo, to the sound of a tacky saxophone theme, which returns with wearying monotony, usually during the sex scenes. These are few and far between, and most fail to raise the pulse rate, apart from one scene of voyeurism.

The main female lead, the wonderfully named Tiffany Bolling, seems almost catatonic, although maybe the actress' listlessness arises from that of the character, who follows the typical porn heroine's journey of sexual awakening. She can't reach orgasm in her staid monogamous relationship, and so needs some kind of extra frisson to overcome her inhibitions and turn her into a sex-crazed nymphomaniac. Predictably, her hostility to her co-star (in the film within a film, that is) masks her innate desire to succumb to his brooding animal magnetism. And she duly does so, much to her dismay while the cameras are rolling. Hey presto! Instant orgasm...

This carnal improvisation is not in the script, but her husband and director suppresses his own jealousy and snubs the scriptwriter by including it and changing the direction of the narrative. This idea sounds like it has the potential to be a witty and sophisticated piece of self-reflexive film making, but is in fact treated with the same humourless and plodding direction as the rest of the film. Only Britt Ekland's presence raises a smile, as the photographer who first persuades Ms Bolling to pose naked in front of a camera.

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