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The Tit & The Moon

cast: Gerard Damon, Mathilda May, and Biel Durán

director: Bigas Luna

85 minutes (18) 1994
widescreen ratio 1.85:1
Tartan DVD Region 0 retail

RATING: 3/10
reviewed by Emily Webb
A comical, surreal drama set in a Catalan resort, which follows a nine year-old boy's sexual awakening through his search for the perfect breast...

Being eight months pregnant at the time of reviewing this, a film about breastfeeding was, on reflection, not the greatest one for me to review! In The Tit & The Moon, nine-year-old Tete (Biel Durán), jealous of his infant brother's exclusive access to their mother's milk, prays to the moon to bring him a nipple from which he alone may suckle. The film is the final in Bigas Luna's trilogy (including Jamon Jamon and Golden Balls). Tete finds the answer to his prayers in French cabaret dancer Estrellita (Mathilda May) - a woman whose cup literally runneths over.

Of course, being a Spanish film and a coming-of-age one at that, there is a bawdy, sexual feel to this with plenty of bizarre aspects to this film, including Tete imagining his brother as a piglet at his mother's breast (not a mental image I want to have about breastfeeding). Being a foreign language film (and a Bigas Luna one at that) I really felt like I should have enjoyed The Tit & The Moon more... but I didn't. (Luna's film Jamon Jamon was featured in a Guardian film selection of movies to watch when "you're feeling horny" so I kind of gathered that Luna wouldn't be my type of film director at this present moment in time!) I am sure that another reviewer would have rated this higher, especially if he or she was a fan of Luna's work; but this one just wasn't for me.

DVD extras include an interview with the director, and the original theatrical trailer.

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