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Tenchi Muyo: volume three

directors: Hiroki Hayashi, Kenichi Yatagai

135 minutes (12) 1992
MVM DVD Region 2 retail

RATING: 7/10
reviewed by John Percival
This DVD release continues the story of school kid Tenchi Masaki and the bizarre alien women who vie for his affection. We are presented with four more episodes from the Tenchi Muyo OAV, including the episodes I Love Tenchi, The Advent Of The Goddess, Zero Ryoko and Here Comes Jurai.

Although not really containing as much pure chaos as previous episodes this collection seems to allow more time for character development. This is seen first in the episode of I Love Tenchi with the unusual choice of focus being the cute meowing carrot eating cat/rabbit 'cabbit' Ryo-Ohki. Not forgetting that the little creature can turn into a flying warship, she is also one of many who love Tenchi. This makes it hard for her when Tenchi accidentally hurts her feelings. Ryo-Ohki's sad feelings are picked by some of Washu's creations called 'the masses' and after a fight with the odd potato shaped creatures, Ryo-Ohki and the masses combine to allow Ryo-Ohki to generate a humanoid body. This episode allows us to gain a greater insight into the carrot eating furball, and even though she can turn into a spaceship she still has problems balancing in human form.

The next episode reveals more of the external threats to the group. The Advent Of The Goddess shows a genius scientist, Dr Clay, being sent by Tokimi to capture Washu. Dr Clay sends his assassin Zero, an artificial life form that assumes the appearance of Ryoko, a space pirate, and one of the group. They carry on their daily lives unaware they have been infiltrated.

Zero Ryoko follows Zero's attempts to assassinate Tenchi. However Tenchi's ability for females to fall in love with him extends to Zero and because of her feelings she can not kill him. Instead she returns to Dr Clay with Ryoko as her hostage. The rest of the team follows in pursuit.

The final episode, Here Comes Jurai, shows the surprise appearance of three visitors from the planet Jurai. They are Azusa the emperor of Jurai and the father of Ayeka and Sasami, also Misaki, their mother and Funaho mother of Yosho (Tenchi's grandfather who was once a prince of Jurai). They have arrived to check on the Misaki family and uncover the many secrets of the group. Whilst is appears that Azusa's true intentions are not what they outwardly appear, Tenchi is forced to confront the father of the girl he lives with as well as Jurai customs unfamiliar to him.

Each of the episodes is a fun chaotic piece of the story combining comedy with action. Still not strictly for young kids, despite the '12' certificate, there is the odd bit of nudity. The animation, which although colourful, looks and feels more like a kid's cartoon, but this does not distract from the intriguing story. It is also interesting the observe how the improbable group live together, how under any other circumstance they would be killing each other but their love for Tenchi keeps them together. If you are a fan of Tenchi, or are aware of the series, then this DVD collection is worth a look.

The DVD menu system is as colourful and animated as the series but does lack some imagination. The only extra is a collection of trailers under the title of Propaganda.

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