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The Score
cast: Robert De Niro, Edward Norton, Marlon Brando, Angela Bassett

director: Frank Oz

123 minutes (15) 2001
Pathé VHS rental
Also available to rent on DVD

RATING: 8/10
reviewed by Debbie Moon
Nick Wells (De Niro) is a master thief who's beginning to feel his age. He's ready to pay off the mortgage on his jazz club and settle down with his girlfriend. But his fence Max (Brando) has other ideas. He has big debts, and he needs Nick to pull one final, spectacular job to settle them. But this means breaking all the rules - working in his hometown, working with an untried partner, and taking on a hi-tech security system. While Nick's inside man, the ambitious Jack (Norton) isn't exactly as stable as Nick would have liked...
   Okay, so it's another 'one last job' movie. But with a cast of this calibre, who cares? Norton and De Niro obviously relish their scenes together, exulting in the contrast between the relaxed old hand and the hungry young hustler. Good supporting turns, including a rather under-used Bassett, and the unfamiliar sights of downtown Montreal add to the glossy atmosphere.
   Meanwhile, the plot throws up plenty of hitches, double-crosses and complications to keep the audience happy. The heist itself keeps us on the edge of our seats for a full half hour, which is a considerable achievement for an unashamedly old-fashioned caper. This is good solid action with some fine performances and at least one real surprise - and what more can you ask from a heist movie?