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Police Story 2
cast: Jackie Chan, Maggie Cheung, Benny Lai

director: Jackie Chan

101 minutes (15) 1987
widescreen aspect ratio 2.35:1
Hong Kong Legends
DVD Region 2 retail

RATING: 7/10
reviewed by Rob Marshall
Opening with a spectacular montage from Chan's first Police Story film, this martial arts romp stars Chan as maverick Hong Kong cop Ka-kui, who is reduced to traffic duty on a motorbike after being reprimanded for all the destruction that he caused during his previous adventure. Yes, there's a fine line between zealous heroism and being a menace to the public.
   In a fit of pique at this lack of support, Ka-kui resigns from the force - only to find that his unique skills are sorely needed when a mad bomber strikes at soft targets like a shopping centre, resulting in mass panic. Episodic this certainly is, but standout fight sequences - such as the frenetic gangster rumble in a kiddies' playground park, demonstrate how director and star Chan uses the environment as an integral part of his choreography for some dynamic but knockabout stunt routines. Cheapo slapstick humour is well to the fore in other scenes where the often-hapless hero adopts a disguise (an obviously false moustache, and 'Clark Kent' style glasses) for undercover work.
   Maggie Cheung (so good in Irma Vep) reprises her role as Ka-kui's neglected girlfriend, May - here kidnapped by the villains, so she's another excellent reason to see this. However, I should warn you that, as with a few other Asian movies, there are blatant product placement shots (Mitsubishi, Canon, etc) displayed on locations, and this intrusive form of advertising is likely to mar your enjoyment of the film.
   This special collectors edition DVD offers a digitally restored and re-mastered anamorphic widescreen transfer, and choice of an English dubbed or Cantonese version with English subtitles. The King Of Action is a 30-minute featurette with Chan interview clips, and there's also a 15-minute interview showcase for co-star, Lai. An outtakes montage, two trailers, and the informative audio commentary track by stuntman Jude Poyer and genre cinema expert Miles Wood rounds out the background coverage.