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Hard Ticket To Hawaii
cast: Dona Speir, Hope Marie Carlton

director: Andy Sidaris
96 minutes (R) 1987
Malibu Bay/Ventura
DVD Region 1 retail

RATING: 7/10
reviewed by Rob Marshall
This is one of a whole series of adventure movies about sexy super-spies fighting baddies in tropical paradise spots across the US. Hard Ticket To Hawaii stars fabulous ex-Playboy centrefolds Speir and Carlton, as a couple of blonde undercover agents who stumble across a diamond smuggling operation and have to combat numerous henchmen, who kidnap one of their friends, plus a deadly diseased snake monster on the loose.
   Watch out for the runaway skateboard, a lethal Frisbee, a microlight plane air strike, an indoor bazooka, the kung fu bitch and the transvestite bartender, and a load of other crazy sub-Bond stuff. Our heroes' dawn raid on the villains' hideout is amusingly different, while the bloody finale rips off Halloween and Alligator to gruesomely comic effect. If you like no-brainer action, and silly but fun dialogue, check this out.
   This director's cut special edition DVD has an hour's worth of extras hosted by Sidaris, and starlet Julie Strain. You get an audio commentary with Andy Sidaris and his film producer wife Arlene, a fun Sidaris brand 'film school' featurette that looks behind the scenes, stills gallery, a dozen trailers for all the Sidaris movies in this collection, plus a foldout photo insert with info about the leading ladies.

Order this title and other Malibu Bay releases on video or DVD direct from the Andy Sidaris website.