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Airwolf Volume 3
cast: Jan-Michael Vincent, Ernest Borgnine, Jean Bruce Scott, and Alex Cord

directors: Donald A. Baer, Sidney Hayers, and Gerald Mayer

138 minutes (PG) 1984-85
Universal Playback
DVD Region 2 + 4 retail

RATING: 7/10
reviewed by Tony Lee

Here are three episodes from the TV series created by Donald Bellisario about a helicopter super-weapon. Stolen from US authorities by its inventor, Airwolf falls into the safer hands of reclusive pilot and Vietnam war hero, Stringfellow Hawke (Vincent), who uses it like a very big stick to beat assorted bad guys, and fly special missions for secret agency, the Firm (a thinly disguised CIA). That was the basic set-up. What made this show enjoyable to its crossover action and sci-fi audience was the programme's generally serious tone (unlike The A-Team, people did get shot and killed in the climactic fire-fights), and its many first class aerial sequences.
   Moffet's Ghost plays the cyberpunk card, with a sinister presence discovered lurking in computers onboard Airwolf which causes all sorts of problems for the technologically unskilled heroes. Severance Pay warns that spymasters should not attempt to short-change their intelligence gatherers on retirement benefits in case they leak sensitive information for blackmail and revenge. HX1 sees Airwolf challenged by a newer hi-tech chopper that may be piloted by Hawke's brother, St John, MIA since Vietnam. If you liked John Badham's 1983 movie, Blue Thunder, this TV variation on the idea is definitely worth a look.
   DVD extras: none!