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REVIEW CREW - biographical notes about our contributors

If you enjoy writing movie reviews and/ or articles about films and filmmakers, and you would like to join the VideoVista Review Crew, please study our guidelines for contributors... Then contact the Editor, sending a sample film or TV review, along with some biographical details about your writing and interests (for publication on this page), and confirm that your email address can be added to our contributors-only email list for regular reviewers.

Dawn Andrews
- artist and poet, published in literary magazines from UK to USA including Smoke and Stride. She is presently working on a painting commission and plans to visit Florence.
Sarah Ash
- fantasy author who is fascinated by all aspects of Japanese visual culture. Visit her website at
Andy Black
- editor of the successful Necronomicon book series "discovering the dark underbelly of transgressive cult, horror & erotic cinema", author of The Dead Walk (Noir Publishing), Andy writes for magazines such as Shivers, Men Only, Samhain, Marquis and Terrorizer.
Richard Bowden
- a confirmed film flaneur and movie addict, Richard has probably far too many DVDs and books for his own good - but aims to get round to them all eventually. He has a weakness for westerns, B-movies and Asian cinema. A long time back he had a short story published and still dabbles in creative writing. Other interests include classical music, scambaiting. He worked for a number of years in book publishing. Nowadays he works for a media monitoring company and presently lives in North London with partner, two daughters, and two cats.
James Brooke-Smith
- postgraduate philosophy layabout who has recently taken to submitting work to various magazines and websites because it's a lot more exciting than writing my dry as dust dissertation on abstruse French theory. Cinema visits offer a welcome escape from the ivory tower, with the dark fantasy of the likes of Cronenberg and Lynch at the top of my favourites list.
Paul Broome
- was editor of The Small Hours magazine. Recently relocated to Fife, Scotland. Currently trashing networks by day, and making music with his "nu-folk" project Bona Dea by night.
Max Cairnduff
- is a Londoner interested in film (particularly world cinema), literature, music (jazz, early blues, hip-hop, pop, anything that's good) and the arts generally. Max has a book blog, Pechorin's Journal, where he writes mainly about literary fiction, crime (mostly hardboiled and noir) and science fiction.
Mark J. Cairns
- co-producer of the Airwolf themes CD, owner of the related Airwolf site.
Ellen Cheshire
- has written Pocket Essentials chapbooks on the Coen Brothers, Jane Campion, and Ang Lee (read review) and she is currently putting the finishing touches to books on Audrey Hepburn, and a revised second edition of the Coen brothers.
Jai Clare
- writer, published in magazines such as Barcelona Review, Roadworks, Voyage, etc. Doesn't get to the movies as often as she'd like!
Craig Clarke
- after spending his formative years in northeastern Tennessee, Craig now lives 850 miles away in Massachusetts and feels much more at home. He lives with his wife, three cats, two dogs and a chinchilla, and spends his free time reading, writing, listening to music, watching movies, and updating his website - often simultaneously in order to make up time. Craig has a blog titled Somebody Dies. He is also a regular contributor to Green Man Review.
Gary Couzens
- has reviews and articles in magazines The Third Alternative, Zene, and online at Movies on Dowse and DVD Times, also much short fiction published. He was a recent Chairman of the British Fantasy Society.
Thomas Cropper
- "started off as 'work experience boy' at Time Out. There, I wrote a couple of slapdash pieces for the suspiciously entitled Kids Out publication before becomming the news editor for a small media industry magazine called The Soho Independent. Currently trying to eek out a living as a freelancer writing mainly on film."
Andrew Darlington
- the title of his Headpress/ Critical Visions book a revised collection of music journalism, is I Was Elvis Presley's Bastard Love-Child. Although critically and commercially well-received, the title-claim is probably apocryphal (good word look it up!)... but Andys spoken in interviews about how any vague potential for academic success got terminally wrecked by teenage addictions to "loud rock 'n' roll and cheap science fiction," gravitating instead to Lit-origins more open to verification, through legendary underground newspaper (IT) International Times, into infiltrating stuff into Zigzag, Forum, Gargoyle (USA), Faber & Faber, Tribune, Rock 'n' Reel, Jamming, Rockerilla (Italy), and B-Side (USA), while regularly churning out material for Hot Press for 20 years - and counting, doing interviews with Led Zeppelin, Graham Nash, Status Quo, Kraftwerk, William Burroughs, the Kinks, Stone Roses, Kurt Vonnegut, Donovan, Deep Purple, Erasure, TV-astronomer Patrick Moore, Craig Charles, M. John Harrison, veteran SF fictioneer E.C. Tubb, Yorkshire horror star Simon Clark, etc. You want more? Hes also a widely published poet, with Euroshima Mon Amour a collection of 32 science fiction poems, which emerged in 2001 from independent Hilltop Press. Then there's fiction sales to New English Library, Fantasy Tales, Mayfair, Beyond, Knave, The Anthology Of Fantasy & The Supernatural, New Moon, Fantasy Annual and hosts of anthologies and magazines from Germany to the USA with a visionary sci-fantasy novel 'Beast Of The Coming Darkness' currently hunting a publisher... tied in with live performance on the alternative cabaret circuit where hes been known to perform in a gas-mask! A live performance video (Five Leaves Left) and records (as part of the U.V. Pop Electronic group) have also appeared, and probably been deleted! He also likes the Greek islands, the Electric Prunes, Blade Runner, Daffy Duck, vegetarian pasta with chilli sauce, the Ramones, 'The 2000 AD Megazine', Budweiser, second-hand bookshops, soft-mints and Jet-Ace Logan.
Barbara Davies
- is a freelance writer and reviewer. Her website is
Chris Doelle
- a professional consultant and freelance writer whose most recent publications include articles in the Richmond, Texas newspaper The Herald-Coaster, and articles covering the Houston arena football team in ArenaFan Magazine.
William N. Dyer
- born and dragged up in Glasgow and now living in a new town in the Scottish central belt. He's a poet and scriptwriter and hopes to have reviews of many DVDs on this site.
Phil Emery
- writer and lecturer teaching English, writing and drama, with stories, poetry, nonfiction, plays and comic-strips published.
Noell Wolfgram Evans
- an American playwright and winner of the Thurber Treat Award for humour writing, Noell has written about film history and written film reviews for a number of print and on-line publications.
Ian R. Faulkner
- was born in the West Midlands in 1966 and he has yet to escape. His hobbies include obsessively collecting books, comics, CDs and films on DVD, and, if he's not watched closely, anything else he can lay his hands on. Ian has been writing since the dinosaurs ruled the earth and as a young mammal he produced a multitude of novels and stories, all of which are best left buried with the bodies in the basement. His published work has appeared in Crimewave #8 and #9, The Best British Mysteries volume IV, and is scheduled to appear in Black Static #1 and The Macabre Underground volume II. He can be contacted via his website.
Barry Forshaw
- edits Crime Time magazine and writes on books for Publishing News, Amazon, The Good Book Guide, The Independent and The Express. Films, however, are as close to his heart as any work of literature.
Emma French
- lives in London full-time with baby daughter, but would normally be devoting more time to travelling and watching movies. She is a film studies lecturer and film writer for other online sites. Emma has a PhD in Shakespeare on film, and her first full-length book on film, Selling Shakespeare To Hollywood, was published in February 2006. Emma is also researching a new book on Oscar Wilde.
Alan Garside
- edited and published small press genre magazine Orion, and was a regular contributor to Pigasus Press magazines like Fax 21 and Strange Adventures.
Christopher Geary
- reviews books, films, and TV for The ZONE website on an irregular basis. Chris was editor of FAX 21 webzine, and recently was pleased to get an article published in Free For All, official magazine of The Prisoner Appreciation Society, Six of One.
A.E. Grace
- is a writer of both fiction and non-fiction, currently studying for a degree in creative and media writing at Middlesex University, England. In her spare time she is a DVD and book reviewer, and enjoys reading both mainstream and genre fiction. More of her thoughts can be found at: TheWordyWench.
Steven Hampton
- former assistant editor of The ZONE magazine. He's a keen science fiction fan, and regular contributor to Pigasus Press websites.
Amy Harlib
- is a forty-something, lifelong, avid reader of SF and fantasy literature, and graphic novels - retired with plenty of time to indulge in her passion for reading and cinema. She lives in NYC and welcomes intelligent feedback and discussion about the genre. Other enthusiasms: cats, archeology/ anthropology/ paleontology, folklore and mythology, genre films, science for intelligent laypersons, and memoirs/ narratives as literature.
Mimi Hendrix
- works from home "as a freelance hack", onetime reviewer for The ZONE in hardcopy, contributor to Fax 21. Claims her Native American name is 'Flirts with Spiders'.
Cristopher Hennessey-DeRose
- has had over 100 pieces published in magazines like H.P. Lovecraft's and Filmfax. He is a staff writer for the Sci-Fi Channel and books in print include his novella The Pale and novel Lives Of Future Past. His James Bond guide, Martinis, Girls And Guns, will be going from e-book to print in Nov 2003 from CyberMan books.
Paul Higson
- was the editor of Bleeder's Digest and contributed to many other quaint small press publications during the 1980s' UK fandom heydey. His bruising comedic drama Swine was staged by No Half Measures Theatre Company of Derby, and two short scripts have been filmed. Paul is currently charting an alternative history of the British horror film, churning up the untold stories of forgotten filmmakers and is already on the case of the British horror film in the new millennium.
Patrick Hudson
- was brought up in New Zealand, but currently lives and works in London. He has published a number of articles and short stories in various venues both here and in New Zealand, and is the author of Bridges Of New Zealand (before you ask, it has nothing to do with The Bridges Of Madison County). In addition to his entusiasm for SF and fantasy, he is a keen gamer, a museum fan, and a lover of art and music or all sorts. Patrick's short story Insured For... Murder! was published in Pigaaus Press' magazine-anthology Premonitions: Causes For Alarm.
Lucinda Ireson
- has a first-class degree in creative and professional writing, and was recipient of the university's outstanding writer award. Enjoys theatre, cinema and 1980s' nostalgia, and has a life-long passion for horror films, as well as B-movies and trash classics. Has written for Talking Pictures and the university newspaper, and edited a procedures manual. She aspires to work in editing/ publishing.
David James
- a pen-name of Dave W. Hughes, editor of Modern Dance magazine and website.
Jen Johnston
- is one of those lucky few who make a living at making sarcastic comments about films she loves, trying to remember them later, and writing them down. In her spare time she plays saxophone and piano, ballet dances, does yoga, paints, reads, runs, does endurance races with her horse, and (completely destroying her sweetness and light image) boxes competitively. Jen lives in Nova Scotia.
Roger Keen
- works in TV production, mainly in the field of documentaries, several of which have won awards in recent years. He began writing about film in the early 1990s, and his articles and reviews have appeared in Critical Wave, The Third Alternative, Prism and others. He reviewed SF, fantasy and horror films for the now defunct Alien Online, and did other reviewing and feature work for the now archived Infinity Plus. You can find out more about Roger at his own website.
Robin Landry
- a former singer, songwriter and musician. "I recorded two albums while in the band Widow. I've written one young adult novel called The Conspiracy Page (the first in a series of five) published under the name R.J. Taylor, and I'm currently shopping a romance novel, a suspense novel, and writing my first script.
Antony Mann
- Australian writer, his award-winning short fiction has appeared in journals and anthologies from Crimewave to London Magazine. He wrote for The Guardian for two years and is currently working on a novel.
Rob Marshall
- describes himself as "a closet optimist", boasts of having "black belts in hokum and chagrin", and writes for a number of fanzines, both print and online.
Tom Matic
- is a writer and performer of self-penned songs, with a precarious toe-hold on the Brighton scene. His debut CD of acoustic songs, and incorporating a reading of his short story Burning Time, is shortly to be released on his own label.
Jonathan McCalmont
- is from London and is almost completely alive. He is currently trying to leave academia where he has swashbuckled his way into post-graduate degrees in philosophy and war studies. He hopes to get a job in publishing because he wants to help genre novels not only attain a wider audience but also the intellectual acclaim that some so richly deserve.
Gary McMahon
- has placed fiction in many magazines and anthologies in the UK and US. His cinema-themed horror novella Rough Cut is available now from Pendragon Press, andd he has further books due out in the near future. Gary loves the horror genre, and is especially fond of Asian cinema and the films of Takashi Miike. Gary's website can be found at:
Debbie Moon
- after some years writing fiction under the pen-name Ceri Jordan, Debbie moved into screenwriting, and currently has two feature scripts in development. As befits someone who's been writing SF and fantasy since the age of seven, and cites Brazil as the best film ever made, they're both pretty weird. She is also working on a TV comedy drama, and and her debut novel Falling is available from Honno.
Donald Morefield
- "amateur journalist, avid reader", reviewer for The ZONE, and frequent contributor to other small press publications.
Mike O'Driscoll
- ran a video shop for five years and started writing to stave off boredom. Since his auspicious fiction debut in BBR, his work has appeared in various magazines and anthologies including The Third Alternative, Interzone, and Darklands 2. He has written articles on the films of the two Davids, Cronenberg and Lynch. Mike is currently triggering a consensual hallucination within the horror community via the news column he edits for At The World's End.
John Percival
- "a child of 1980s TV and English Literature graduate based on the south coast of England feeding on any passing sci-fi material."
John M. Peters
- was editor & publisher of Flickers 'n' Frames small press magazine for ten years, he's now owner of The Borderland music website.
Mike Philbin
- world cinema enthusiast, with artistic day job in games industry, and much fiction published under his pen-name, Hertzan Chimera.
Octavio Ramos, Jr
- has been a technical writer/editor at the Los Alamos National Laboratory for close to 15 years. As a freelance writer, he has published several nonfiction books (Cerro Grande: Canyons of Fire, Spirit Of Community, and Raising Cane: Introductory Techniques), a novel titled Scout, a short story collection (Smoke Signals), and a chapbook (Folio Of Edicts, which can be obtained at Undaunted Press). He also has accumulated more than 200 publication credits in magazines, such as The ZONE, Blood Samples, Vampire Nights, SOD Magazine, Pit Magazine, The Midnight Gallery, Glyph, Whispers From The Shattered Forum, Double Danger Tales, Sepulchre, Bizarre Bazaar, Weird Times, Imelod, The Police Marksman, Sheriff Times, Martial Arts Training, and Inside Karate/ Kung Fu. Octavio also writes about music for Soundchecks.
Mark Roberts
- writer and artist with work published by magazines Albedo 1, The Third Alternative, Crimewave, and The New York Review Of SF. He works as creative director of Chimeric media consultants specialising in bringing together traditional and digital design and illustration.
Ian Sales
- grew up in the Middle East, but now lives and works in IT in Yorkshire. He reviews books for Interzone, and has had fiction published in various SF magazines. His blog is at Just Has To Be Plausible.
Peter Schilling
- writes for The ZONE website, and other genre magazines. In his spare timeline, he aspires to become an interplantery man of mystery.
Sandra Scholes
- a writer and artist who has worked on many projects started out as an artist working for the Tolkien Society's magazine, made several sketches for Headpress, and Star Wars art for Eclipse and Lightspeed magazines as well as website art for Fandom Comics. Her first transition to reviews started with Monas Hieroglyphica and through to most recently Active Anime and Fantasy Book Review. Continuing with many projects, she hopes to have her short stories published soon as her interest in fantasy, horror and sci-fi genres increases and currently loves reviewing for The ZONE and VideoVista.
Pete Short
- currently editing a new edition of The Age Of Reason (unashamed devotee of Thomas Paine), Pete has also written music and movie reviews for UK fanzines Live and Panic Coma. He toys with a bad unpublished novel and chills out beside bonfires in his back garden.
Ian Shutter
- is a regular contributor to various Pigasus Press publications and websites.
Michael Marshall Smith
- acclaimed writer and novelist, author of many genre books. Visit his website.
James Starkey
- "I'm currently living in London where I write horror movie reviews and essays on a part-time basis. My main area of expertise is European horror. Apart from movies, I also write short fiction for which I am currently designing a web page to showcase my material. Favourite literature includes Poe, Lovecraft and Stevenson. During my spare time, I like to update my main horror movie-review site as well as play the guitar which I have been doing for some 11 years."
Jim Steel
- is the book reviews editor for Interzone, and is also a member of the Glasgow Science Fiction Writers Circle. He once won a free year-long cinema pass and is an expert on the films of 2003. An incomplete list of his published work can be found at Cave Of Doom.
James A. Stewart
- born and raised in a small mining village on the outskirts of Glasgow, and still living there with his wife and son. Spends his free time reading, writing, recording music and partaking in a variety of sports. Only uses the 'A' middle initial as his name is so common in Scotland!
Alasdair Stuart
- is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in the Fortean Times, Valkyrie and Never Mind The Comics. He works as a film reviewer for a regional paper and lives in Yorkshire with his wife and a lot of computers.
Christopher Teague
- owner of Pendragon Press, composes "very bad Eno-esque soundscapes", and lives in Wales.
Steve Urwin
- was a reviewer for the early (printed) version of VideoVista.
Richard G. Vander
- a fan of 1960s' music, he contributes features and reviews to music related websites.
Denise Wayne
- artist and writer who recently "got computerised... now struggling with complexities of the Internet."
Emily Webb
- Aussie-born writer and secondary school teacher. Lived in London with husband and thinks the test of a person's character is whether they enjoyed MI:2 or not. She was blogging her personal DVD collection at I Like To Watch.
Mark West
- writes horror fiction, with novels and a collection to his name. He lives in the town he grew up in, with his wife and young son and thoroughly enjoys being given films to watch and poke holes in. For more information, you can visit his website at
Jeff Young
- enjoys "trashy exploitation movies" (especially kung fu and low-budget action thrillers), and is a regular contributor to VideoVista. Jeff also edited and compiled many biographical listings for Girls with Guns, a fan-site about female action movie and TV stars.

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